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Looking for information regarding security issues? Check out the answers to the most frequently asked questions about security matters concerning locks and keys! They can be found here below

Why should I replace my old key?

Keys might last for a very long time, but their wear and tear is unavoidable. They might get rusty and their grooves might get damaged. Sometimes, they are only slightly damaged and you cannot see the worn ridges or edges, but they will make your life unbearable. Any key problem might lock you out. As our specialists say, you might have a hard time removing or turning the key.

Should I get single or double cylinder deadbolts?

It's not accidental that most houses have single cylinder deadbolts. In some areas, double cylinder ones are not permitted for safety reasons. Such building regulations try to protect people from getting entrapped in their homes in case they must evacuate their premises right away (in case of fire for example). Though, double cylinder door locks provide even higher security. Just make sure to keep the key in the lock at the inner part of the door.

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